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ICO in Germany
A new era begins

With TE-FOOD, the first legally compliant ICO has become a groundbreaking success for business location Germany.
In 5 minutes, TE-FOOD took € 16.5 million in the crypto currency Ethereum.

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Significance of blockchain technology



What is the significance of blockchain technology for companies, institutions and the working worlds of a future society? The increasing digitization is changing almost every industry. Organization, productions, products and services become smarter “smart”. Blockchain technology often offers both efficiency advantages and new growth potential and business models. However, companies often face the challenge of how to successfully prepare, initiate, steer and implement this transformation.

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TE-FOOD – the global ICO benchmark

TE-FOOD is a leading high-tech company based in Albstadt

TE-FOOD International GmbH is a leading high-tech company based in Albstadt / BW, which handles product tracking across countries and industries using state-of-the-art blockchain technologies.

In recent years, and as part of a public-private partnership, the entire food monitoring system throughout Vietnam has been expanded by the TE-FOOD system to become the most modern and globally most unique information system for consumers, authorities and industry.

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TELENORMA - founding member and co-initiator of the Blockchain-Valley


The TELENORMA as a founding member and co-initiator of the Blockchain-Valley supports in the task, how to identify the relevant and necessary approaches, technologies and partners on the basis of future requirements on production, products and services, and to implement solution concepts of digitization with blockchain technologies in practice.

As a service provider, TELENORMA is currently implementing numerous groundbracking blockchain projects. Customers include medium-sized companies and the IHK.

By focusing on Blockchain services, Industry 4.0 and the Federal Government’s vision of innovation for German industry, the TELENORMA Academy consciously remembering history and innovative power of TELENORMA as an innovation carrier and successful German technology company starts the third stage of the industrial revolution. The TELENORMA Academy offers companies all the topics and all the support they need to maintain, expand or develop an innovation advantage.

TELENORMA advises and supports national and international companies in settling and implementing a legally compliant and successful ICO in Germany.

Business location Albstadt


The business location Albstadt is centrally located – surrounded by the metropolitan regions of Stuttgart, Munich, Zurich and Basel; flanked by Black Forest and Lake Constance in the Neckaralb region.

The dynamics of the economy is characterized by diligence, the ability and commitment of the employees and is controlled by future-oriented entrepreneurs. With TELENORMA and TE-FOOD International, Blockchain-Valley and thus Albstadt has world-leading blockchain service providers and leading international expertise for legally compliant ICOs in Germany.

In addition, Albstadt with the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, an Industry 4.0 study course and the state-of-the-art Technologiewerkstatt is optimally equipped to help shape the future of blockchain industrial applications. Technologiewerkstatt is not only a place of communication for young entrepreneurs and the latest technologies, but also a center for knowledge transfer – from the university to the company and into the future.

The university is active in research in its various disciplines. The Institute for Applied Research (IAF) bundles and promotes the activities. It is also an important link between research-based companies and the university. Under the umbrella of the IAF, in addition to the Institute of Engineering and Economics, there are four specialized institutes in the fields of life sciences, computer science and mechanical engineering.

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