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the global ICO benchmark


TE-FOOD International GmbH is a leading high-tech company based in Albstadt / BW, which handles product tracking across countries and industries using state-of-the-art blockchain technologies.In recent years, and as part of a public-private partnership, the entire food monitoring system throughout Vietnam has been expanded by the TE-FOOD system to become the most modern and globally most unique information system for consumers, authorities and industry.

The EU and other countries such as Brazil and India have already expressed a serious interest in implementation of the TE-FOOD system.

TE-FOOD International GmbH
TE-FOOD slogan


The unique and patented innovations in the field of food monitoring (farm to table) make TE-FOOD a globally sought-after partner for blockchain applications and tracking systems in other industries.”Public sale successfully reached hard cap!”

With this unspectacular sounding message, a revolution in the European economy is just beginning in Germany.

The originally Hungarian-Vietnamese company TE-FOOD was settled in the Swabian Alb within 3 months and led to the first legally compliant ICO in Germany.


The big question remained unanswered – how the international market reacts to BaFin’s brand-new rules and regulations, and whether the location of Germany is competitive with crypto, ICO and tax-friendly locations such as Switzerland, Singapore or Gibraltar thanks to the interplay of classifications of Bundesbank, BGH and BaFin.

The Blockchain-Valley (represented by TELENORMA) dared to start the practice test.

TE-FOOD - the first legally compliant ICO

With TE-FOOD, the first legally compliant ICO has become a groundbreaking success for business location Germany.
In 5 minutes, TE-FOOD took € 16.5 million in the crypto currency Ethereum.

Albstadt is the new ICO and Blockchain center of Europe


Thus, Albstadt has become overnight the new ICO and Blockchain center of Europe. The revenue will be taxed at the new Crypto location Albstadt.

The Blockchain-Valley in Albstadt has proven with TE-FOOD how successfully Germany positions itself in global competition as a leading international blockchain location.

TE-FOOD propagates: We have the right to know what we eat!
We have the right to make an ICO in Germany. Both are strong indicators of a new era.

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